Orderflow Labs 2022 for NinjaTrader 8



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Orderflow Labs 2022 for NinjaTrader 8
Orderflow Labs 2022 for NinjaTrader 8 $1,000.00 $39.99

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STUDIES included:


  • Job Pivot
  • Exhaustion Absorption
  • Buy and Sell Zones
  • Job Pinch
  • Delta Dominance
  • Session Delta Pivot (SDP)
  • Session Delta Pivot (SDP) History
  • Weekly Delta Pivot
Description :


Job Pivot

Inventory analysis for buy/sell control with target range extension.

Exhaustion Absorption

Helps you identify when conditions are favorable for buying or selling.

Buy and Sell Zones

Automated drawing of buy and sell zones on the chart based on retracement.

Job Pinch

Helps you identify a directional imbalance with respect to price.

Delta Dominance

Easily identify the direction and strength of the market trend.

Session Delta Pivot (SDP)

Provides the range for the current trading session to easily identify support and resistance.

Session Delta Pivot (SDP) History

40,000 foot view of aggressive buyers and sellers in the market.

Weekly Delta Pivot (WDP)

Tracks historical aggressive auction data and predicts a range for the upcoming week.