Chris Do – Pocket Full of Do Ebook + Mp3


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Chris Do – Pocket Full of Do Ebook + Mp3
Chris Do – Pocket Full of Do Ebook + Mp3 $5.00

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The business book for creatives.

Pocket Full of Do encapsulates over two decades of reflections and observations on entrepreneurship, creativity, philosophy, and more. You’ll get a retrospective glimpse into the life of a creative business owner, and the lessons learned along the way.

Form, Function,
and Flair.

What you love about the original, but better. This refined second edition features a wider page gutter for a more comfortable reading experience. Two new spot colors allow the artwork to pop—with vibrant, bold illustrations complementing each insightful account.

We kept the soft, matte cover with perfect binding and printed each page on 128 GSM uncoated paper to strike the right balance of form and function. After all, we are designers.

Take a look inside

This book offers bite-sized lessons packed with business strategies and paradigm-shifting concepts. From marketing to mindset and everything in between, Chris shares all that he’s learned on subjects like:


Personal, professional, and especially the one you have with yourself. Every interaction, however big or small, plays a role in where you are today.


Creativity isn’t something that “just happens.” You’ll see that your creativity is constant, even on those days you feel it the least.


What do you believe to be true for you? Your beliefs shape your world and how you show up. This chapter will help you confront any limiting beliefs you may have, and encourage you to push past them.


You can carve out a successful career as a creative. And knowing how to price your work the right way is an integral piece to make it happen. You’ll learn the difference between cost, price, and value, and how to sell your creative services.

Sales & Negotiation

Understandably, negotiating with clients is tough. Scary, even. But what doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you. With the sales and negotiation tactics laid out in this book, you’ll see how you can set yourself apart from other creatives.


What story are you sharing with others? And how does your story impact your audience? You’ll discover why marketing is vital for every creative to get their work noticed and get known.


Your mindset affects everything you think, say, and do. What you think, you become. And when you believe in yourself, others will, too. This book will show you how to reframe your mindset to accomplish what you really want.