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Hamza Ahmed - The Aesthetic Body Course
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How To Build Your Dream Body Without Lifting Heavy, Dangerous Weights

Do Not Trust Fitness YouTubers & TikTokers


When I was younger I used to watch a lot of YouTube.

I’d literally eat all my food at my computer desk whilst flicking through fitness videos…

I’d spend at least an hour watching these fitness videos everyday and I’d be even more confused!

I think you know why…


You’ve tried to search for fitness advice on YouTube and TikTok and there’s an issue…

Everyone contradicts each other!

One guy tells you to do x, the second guy tells you that x is KILLING YOUR GAINS.

You’ve experienced that overwhelming feeling because of all of the different fitness advice you’ve see online…

How are you supposed to stay consistent in your workouts or diet if everyone is convincing you to do something different?

You end up switching workout routines or eating differently so much that you just don’t even see any real progress.

And now that I have more experience I can tell you that a lot of what you see online is total lies – The YouTubers make videos on what gets them lots of views, NOT what will help you build your dream body faster.

That’s why you see stupid 10,000 calorie challenges and weird fitness advice – It’s clickbait, not education.

You need one source of knowledge. One person you can put your trust in.

The Aesthetic Body Course


I’ve put everything you need to build your dream body all in one place!

Put your trust in this online course and you’ll have the complete roadmap to build your dream body all in one place.

You’ll avoid the mistakes that beginners make (you’ll build a body that looks like mine 2 whole years faster!)

You’ll get every workout routine you need, all of the vital education and motivation and wisdom all in one place.

You’ll save hundreds of hours from not needing to watch countless YouTube and TikTok videos anymore – Spend that free time doing extra sets of abs!

What You’re Going To Get:

This Aesthetic Body Transformation Course is ALL you need to build your 10/10 dream body!

You’re going to get instant access to an entire 3 hour video course that will practically build your dream body for you (Worth $300)

Video Course Modules:

1. Aesthetic Theory 101 (5 videos)

2. Mindsets for Success (3 videos)

3. Workout Knowledge (8 videos)

4. Exercises (18 videos)

5. Diet Knowledge (9 videos)

6. Meals (5 videos)

7. Frequently Asked Questions (6 videos)


You will no longer need to watch confusing videos on YouTube or TikTok.

You’re going to have just one place where you get all of your knowledge from – giving you a straightforward roadmap to build your dream body!

You’re Going To Get 10 FREE Bonuses:

Bonus 1: You’ll get an entire training program ebook (32 pages) that comes with every workout routine you’ll need for the first 2 years of your training.

Simply click on the routine link in the training program and the workout will open up on your phone!

These workout routines are optimised to create the V taper look that is so attractive in a man.

(Worth $90)

Bonus 2: All exercises in the workout routines are recorded.

What incline should you put your bench at to grow an attractive upper chest? How do you grow the trap muscles that are most visible? How can you safely train your neck?

Follow along with me to master the technique that maximises how attractive your body looks.

You’ll learn the small tweaks that result in that V shaped upper body that looks so good.

(Worth $100)

Bonus 3: You’ll get an entire diet plan ebook (17 pages) which has the exact meals that I eat.

You’ll learn no bullsh*t nutrition knowledge that will practically force you to stay lean.

You’ll learn about willpower and cravings.

You’re learning directly from someone who’s conquered binge eating.

I’ll walk you through the exact steps and you’ll get to the point where you could have your addiction (pizza, burgers, sweets etc) right in front you and you wouldn’t eat it!

(Worth $35)

Bonus 4: Every meal mentioned in the diet plan is recorded.

Learn how to cook meals with me in the most efficient, No bullsh*t way

These are the meals I eat everyday and trust me, I don’t eat bland, untasty foods!

(Worth $30)

Bonus 5: You’ll get my No Bullsh*t Dating App Guide (25 pages).

Put it this way, all of the advice on Reddit on how to use Tinder is trash – written by guys who don’t even get any matches.

You’ll maximise your success on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble by learning directly from a guy who consistently meets women from these apps.

You’ll learn the exact profile setup, the best bios (yes, bios make a difference!), opening messages that have the highest response rates and you’ll build the mindset that leads to success on these apps – Emotional Un-Investment.

(Worth $40)

Bonus 6: You’ll get my Shirtless Pictures Guide (10 pages).

Most guys have never levelled up their picture taking skills and then complain that they aren’t getting any success on dating apps or social media…

You’ll learn how to take sexy, masculine shirtless pictures directly from your phone!

You’ll 2x your matches on Tinder instantly and eventually 10x them – I 30x mine!

Think about it, your pictures are how people (especially women) judge you. Why not gain XP in your Picture Taking Skill?

The guys who powerlevel their Picture Taking Skill do very, very well on dating apps.

(Worth $30)

Bonus 7: You’ll get an entire gymnastic rings beginners course along with the recommended beginners workout routines.

Powerlevel your strength and grow your muscle mass with challenging, fun workouts that impress people.

(Worth $50)

Bonus 8: You’ll get lifetime access to a group coaching private chat.

I’ll personally answer all questions and give you feedback on your exercise technique.

You’ll connect with guys who have the exact same goal as you and you’ll find an accountability partner.

(Worth $300)

Bonus 9: You’ll get my personal advanced workout routines that will have you maximising your gains even after your first 2 years of training.

I’m warning you – these workouts are intense!

(Worth $20)

Bonus 10: You’ll get paid $50 when someone buys this course with your affiliate link.

Repurpose Hamza’s videos into new YouTube/TikToks, share your affiliate link and watch the payments come through.

(Worth $50+)

You’ll get all these bonuses AND lifetime access to the course + all materials.