David Vallieres – Tradingology Complete Options Course


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David Vallieres – Tradingology Complete Options Course
David Vallieres – Tradingology Complete Options Course $14.99

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About Course:

David Vallieres’ Trading ology Complete Options Course focuses on the fundamental principle of diversifying risk across various securities, price levels, and time frames. Through the integration of multiple techniques and trading concepts, Valliere’s emphasizes the utilization of diverse securities, varied price level risks, and multiple time frames. This comprehensive course has been officially licensed and is now accessible to members of the Trading Room.

The course comprises the following modules:

MODULE 0: INTRODUCTION TO TRADING AS A BUSINESS & TRADING WITH CONFIDENCE Description: This module introduces a novel approach to trading stocks and options by treating it as a business. The emphasis lies in risk management and building a portfolio of trades that can be systematically managed. Participants learn the necessary skills and acquire the expertise required for success in this field.

MODULE 1-2-3: THE Greeks – MANAGING BY THE NUMBERS Description: The “greeks” play a crucial role in the trading business. This module demystifies the concept of the Greeks and explains their practical implications in easy-to-understand language. Participants gain a clear understanding of the numerical factors that enable effective portfolio management. In addition to the video content, the module includes a comprehensive and easily readable 5-page CONFIDENTIAL REPORT on profiting from “The Greeks” – a resource unparalleled in the world.

MODULE 4: TRADE SELECTION AND STRATEGY Description: This module delves into the core strategies and techniques employed in trading. It explores the decision-making process behind position selection, determining optimal timing, and the relevance of charts. Participants gain insight into the larger context that underpins their trading activities.

MODULE 5: PORTFOLIO BUILDING Description: Building a well-structured portfolio is a common pitfall for many traders. This module emphasizes the importance of constructing a portfolio consisting of positions that complement one another. Participants discover the significance of diversification across time frames, price levels, and different strategies, all of which are key factors for profitable trading.

MODULE 6: USING THE TOS PLATFORM – THE TOOLS OF THE TRADE Description: The module focuses on the ThinkOrSwim (TOS) platform, widely regarded as the best trading platform available. Participants are guided through the platform’s features and taught how to leverage its powerful analysis tools. By opening an account with TOS, traders gain free access to these valuable resources. While other software options exist, TOS offers a cost-effective solution for analyzing trades.

MODULE 7: PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT BY THE Greeks, ADJUSTMENTS, VIX and More… Description: With a built portfolio, this module delves into the intricacies of managing it based on numerical factors. Participants apply their understanding of the Greeks to actively manage their portfolios. The module provides guidance on interpreting the numbers effectively and making informed decisions based on this information.

MODULE 8: THE ART OF ADJUSTMENTS – THE SECRET KEY Description: This module addresses the common scenario of trades moving against traders, leading to losses. Often, traders lack the knowledge of how to respond in such situations, resulting in significant setbacks. The art of adjustments is the missing link in options and stock trading, and this module equips participants with the necessary skills. They learn how to make minor alterations to positions that dramatically improve the odds of turning a profit, even in adverse circumstances. This approach, known as Smart Allocation of Capital, sets traders apart and ensures confident decision-making.

MODULE 9: CLOSING POSITIONS Description: This module provides guidance on closing positions to maximize profits. It covers the appropriate timing and methods for closing positions, while also addressing the risks associated with holding positions until expiration week. Participants learn strategies for purchasing short-term insurance to protect profits and increase wealth during expiration week. Additionally, they discover techniques for closing positions and retaining small residual trades that have the potential to double profits.

MODULE 10: THE BIG PICTURE – TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Description: This module explores the application of technical analysis in the trading business. Participants gain insights into key analysis tools that aid in determining the probabilities of market direction. Part 1 offers historical perspectives on market movements dating back to 1900 and presents a realistic approach to predicting future market trends based on factual evidence. In Part 2, participants delve into short-term indicators that enhance their market edge and enable more precise trade timing. The module also introduces a remarkable indicator with a success rate close to 95% in predicting short-term and opening market directions. Furthermore, participants learn how to discern intra-day movements and interpret the flow of money into or out of stocks, thereby gaining valuable information about intra-day price trends.

MODULE 11: ADVANCED TECHNIQUES AND EXPLOSIVE WEALTH BUILDING STRATEGIES Description: This module presents a set of strategies and wealth-building techniques that do not require technical analysis expertise, although familiarity with it can be advantageous. The highlighted strategies generate profits regardless of whether the market is trending upward or downward. These strategies can be managed based on numerical factors, enabling traders to make informed decisions. Notably, the module reveals unconventional methods to make money even when stocks decline significantly. Strategy #1, explained within the module, consistently generates more profits during downward movements than upward ones. Through years of research and testing, this strategy has proven its reliability and cannot fail to work.