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DexterrFX – SMC Bible

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DexterrFX – SMC Bible
DexterrFX – SMC Bible $79.00 Original price was: $79.00.$9.00Current price is: $9.00.

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DexterrFX – SMC Bible

The book comprises eleven chapters, each delving into crucial concepts and strategies related to trading.

In the first chapter, “SMC Concepts,” the reader is introduced to the fundamental concept of SMC (Swing/Market/Complex) and sets the stage for the subsequent chapters.

Chapter 2, “Market Structure,” explores the intricate aspects of market structure, including swing/internal structure, market fractality, changes in market structure, and the complex pullback. Understanding these elements is essential for navigating the complexities of the market effectively.

Moving forward, Chapter 3, “Liquidity,” delves into the significance of liquidity in trading. The chapter covers topics such as defining liquidity, identifying it in the market, differentiating between BSL (Buyer Side Liquidity) and SSL (Seller Side Liquidity), and comprehending external and internal range liquidity. An exploration of the imbalance concept is also included.

Chapter 4, “Supply & Demand,” introduces the economic model of supply and demand and its application in trading. It further discusses supply and demand zones, order blocks, types of order blocks, inducement, zone selection, and refinement zones.

In Chapter 5, “Mitigation Process,” the book details the mitigation process, providing explanations and examples to guide the reader through effective risk management.

Chapter 6, “Pricing,” focuses on understanding premium, equilibrium, and discount pricing. It includes a pricing model with practical examples to enhance comprehension.

Chapter 7, “Enter on the Market,” introduces various entry strategies, such as ChoCH entry, C-I entry, flip entry, continuation trade, and FVG entry. Each strategy is explored to equip the reader with a diversified set of tools for market entry.

The eighth chapter, “Trade Management,” delves into the time frames used for trading and offers insights into pro trend management and counter-trend management.

Chapter 9, “Daily Process,” outlines a step-by-step process for daily trading activities, providing a systematic approach to navigate the complexities of the market.

In Chapter 10, “Money Management,” the book emphasizes the importance of understanding risk-reward ratios and outlines what is needed to achieve profitability in trading.

The penultimate chapter, Chapter 11, “Trader’s Best Friends,” introduces the essentials of a trading plan and trading journal, along with a specialized SMC vocabulary to reinforce key concepts.

In conclusion, the book offers a comprehensive guide to trading, covering concepts from SMC to trade management, daily processes, money management, and the trader’s best friends. The diverse range of topics provides readers with a holistic understanding of the intricacies involved in successful trading.