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TradingMarkets – AI For Traders Course

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TradingMarkets – AI For Traders Course
TradingMarkets – AI For Traders Course $2,495.00 Original price was: $2,495.00.$45.00Current price is: $45.00.

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TradingMarkets – AI For Traders Course

Welcome to the TradingMarkets AI For Traders Course, a comprehensive 17-hour, self-paced journey designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage artificial intelligence in your trading endeavors. This course is divided into four sessions, each meticulously crafted to guide you through the realms of AI-driven trading strategies, data analysis, and practical applications.

Session 1: Introduction and Intermediate Prompting Techniques

Duration: 4 hours 32 minutes

In this foundational session, we delve into the core aspects of super-intelligence, exploring what it means to become a complete trader through the lens of AI. The revolutionary form of learning that AI brings to the table is discussed, setting the stage for a deep dive into the course curriculum. Leveraging 42 years of experience, we explore advanced data analysis and essential prompting techniques. Bonus techniques and an interactive Q&A session round off the session.

Benefits in Week 1:

  • Extract sophisticated trading insights from ChatGPT using smarter queries.
  • Accelerate your trading research process through familiarity with AI tools.
  • Enhance efficiency with basic prompting for quick retrieval of market data.
  • Explore proprietary prompts tailored to amplify AI knowledge.

Session 2: Advanced Prompting and Practical Use-Cases

Duration: 4 hours 54 minutes

Building on the foundations laid in Week 1, Session 2 immerses you in the realm of strategy development. Learn professional prompting techniques for crafting robust trading strategies and delve into advanced data analysis. Real-world use cases are explored, empowering you to analyze market trends and make informed, time-sensitive decisions. The session concludes with an interactive Q&A.

Benefits in Week 2:

  • Equip yourself with real-world use cases for analyzing market trends.
  • Directly apply ChatGPT’s capabilities to strengthen your trading strategies.
  • Prepare for diverse market scenarios, enhancing strategy resilience.
  • Handle large volumes of trading data for comprehensive analyses.

Session 3: Advanced Data Analysis with ChatGPT

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

Week 3 focuses on advanced data analysis, providing you with the language and concepts necessary for approaching data with confidence. Explore how to apply advanced data analysis to trading and beyond, laying the foundation for ADA. Engage in an interactive Q&A session.

Benefits in Week 3:

  • Acquire the language and concepts for effective data analysis.
  • Transform raw numbers into actionable trading insights without specialized skills.
  • Supplement trading decisions with hard data.

Session 4: Mastering AI-Driven Strategies and Future Applications

Duration: 3 hours 31 minutes

In the final week, we delve into mastering AI-driven strategies and future applications. Explore additional recommendations for growth, deeper knowledge from prompts, backtesting insights, GPT visuals, and a recommended high-integrity data source. A bonus class and insights into AI resources for continuous growth are provided, followed by a preview of the “Coming 0DTE Options and Volatility Master Class” and an interactive Q&A.

Benefits in Week 4:

  • Apply a wide array of ChatGPT functionalities to professional trading.
  • Seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into existing trading workflows.
  • Enrich strategies and decision-making processes with newfound knowledge.
  • Complete homework assignments designed to immediately apply learning to trading strategies.

Embark on this transformative journey and equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic landscape of AI-driven trading. Happy learning!