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MarusFx Mentorship

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MarusFx Mentorship + Discord
MarusFx Mentorship $197.00 Original price was: $197.00.$14.99Current price is: $14.99.

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Marus FX 2023

  • How Market Moves Based on Liquidity
  • Types of Liquidity for Reversal
  • Main Entry Model
  • 90min Cycle
  • Previous Day Week Liquidity Level
  • Sessions
  • Liquidity Wick from News
  • Putting Everything Together
  • StopHunt
  • Whipsaw
  • Daily Bias – AMD Cycle
  • IPA – Swing Points
  • Recaps

About Course:

My purpose is to guide you in comprehending the ins and outs of trading, enabling you to generate profits effectively.

Over the past four months, we have consistently achieved a monthly 20RR+ profit from our SIGNALS, ensuring that your investment will swiftly recoup itself after taking a few signals upon joining. However, please be aware that this pattern, observed for the last four months, may fluctuate in response to market conditions.

I am dedicated to instructing you comprehensively on the LIQUIDITY INDUCEMENT CONCEPTS, starting from the basics and leading you through to the advanced strategies. In the contemporary trading landscape, the fundamental SMC is prevalent among retail traders, yet a staggering 90% find themselves ensnared repeatedly. This mentorship will delve into vital aspects like the 90-minute cycle, IPA/EPA, Timing, Smart Money Traps, and Inducement based on sessions, among others.

Your decision to invest in this mentorship program constitutes an investment in your own growth and knowledge.

Understanding that these concepts may appear daunting, I am here to provide clear and impactful guidance, ensuring your grasp of these principles in an accessible manner.

Upon enrolling mentorship program, you will gain:

  • Interactive sessions through Live Zoom Calls.
  • In-depth Breakdowns covering concepts from A to Z.
  • Supplementary materials, including Extra Videos, and much more.
  • LIQUIDITY INDUCEMENT VIDEO COURSE FROM 2023, encompassing the 90-minute cycle, IPA/EPA, Timing, Smart Money Traps, and Inducement based on sessions, among others.

Please bear in mind that this mentorship program is not designed for those solely seeking signals. My objective is to empower you to trade independently rather than relying solely on signals.

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