Matt Furey – The Original Matt Furey Email Copywriting Seminar



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Matt Furey – The Original Matt Furey Email Copywriting Seminar
Matt Furey – The Original Matt Furey Email Copywriting Seminar $777.00 $29.99

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Matt Furey’s Original Matt Furey Email Copywriting Seminar is an online training program that teaches how to write effective email copy. It provides step-by-step guidance and strategies that can be used to craft persuasive emails that drive conversions. It also includes a variety of case studies and examples to help illustrate the principles covered.


  • Everyone in the seminar got very, very good at writing emails by noon of the second day. In fact, they were so good that I told them I could end the seminar right then and there and they would have already gotten full value. Everyone agreed.
  • One attendee, Sean, began writing emails for a couple online businesses. He charged $8,000.00 to write daily emails for one business and $6,000.00 for another. And he wrote these emails almost as fast as me. Most emails took him about 18 minutes to write. He easily made over $100,000.00 his first year, right out of the gate. He had no trouble finding any clients either – because most online businesses don’t have an email copywriter – or a daily email. And the proof that your income will double or triple in direct proportion to how often you email your list is staggering.
  • Six others began writing emails for their own businesses and their income exploded. One man, Dave, is also a multi-millionaire, mostly because of the very method I taught at this event.
  • Two attendees, a husband-and-wife team, got into a jewelry business a year later and to my knowledge, they don’t bother sending emails.