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[METHOD] Find Juicy Low Competition Topics No One Else Ranks For!

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[METHOD] Find Juicy Low Competition Topics No One Else Ranks For!
[METHOD] Find Juicy Low Competition Topics No One Else Ranks For! $80.00 Original price was: $80.00.$9.00Current price is: $9.00.

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Your site is only as good as the keywords it ranks for. Google has evolved past the idea of ‘keyword’ and you should too. These days, every search query is a ‘topic’ in one way or another. The first set of articles acts as the catalyst for a site’s growth and trust in the SERP. Topic research is a treasure hunt to some degree. If you’re looking for gold at the same place everyone’s digging, the best-case scenario is you may duplicate their results. The rise of semantic SEO has made it even harder for SEO tools to build reliable datasets. All filters ranging from search volume to keyword difficulty are way off in micro niches. What I have to offer is a blueprint deeply rooted in User-Generated pages and search intent.

I wouldn’t advertise this e-book as ‘X’ methods to find keywords. Because it’s just a hard copy of how I brainstorm and explore different areas of a niche. Basically, a compilation of methods to approach topic research from different angles and filter underserved topics with peak search interest. This includes penetrating deeper into micro-niches, exploiting weak sites, finding long tail clusters to boost relevance, and much more. You can either use them individually or combine them to create your own recipe.

60% of the contents discussed in this e-book require a semrush subscription. You can sign up for a trial or use group buy services to try it out.

Table of Contents:

  • UGC Breakdown
  • Finding trigger words
  • Exploiting Quora and Reddit
  • Gauge search volume
  • Batch analysis
  • Niche related forums
  • Spying on the backlink profile
  • Taking advantage of Autocomplete
  • Exploiting weak sites
  • Track keyword variations
  • Extract PAA
  • Tools Used:
    Google Autocomplete
    Word counter plus
    SEO Minion
    Related Words
    KW chef