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Oil Trading Academy – Code 6 + 7 Course
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Code 6: Dow Futures


This code, known as Code 6, offers a unique and highly profitable trading strategy. It is recommended to execute trades around 5:30 AM New York time, which is an advantageous time for many traders.

Code 6 can be learned through a video course that can be purchased and accessed online. The course provides detailed instructions on how to effectively utilize Code 6, which is a straightforward process. Once mastered, Code 6 enables traders to achieve daily gains ranging from +40 to +100 ticks on the Dow Futures (YM). This code is particularly beneficial if the specified time aligns with your trading preferences. Furthermore, Code 6 has the smallest stop losses among the newer codes (Codes 4, 5, and 7).

Stops: -100 (occasionally more or less) Exit: +40 to +100 Success Ratio: 85% at +40 ticks

Code 7: Dow Futures


Welcome to your new favorite code if you prefer trading on a daily basis. Code 7 allows traders to easily achieve +120 ticks per day on the Dow Futures (YM) by executing just one trade. It can be combined with Code 5 to generate trades ranging from +400 to +600 ticks on numerous occasions. Additionally, when used in conjunction with Code 4, it enhances the entry point, resulting in even more ticks than the original trade. This means that by the time Code 4 is activated, you will already be in the trade at a better price. In some cases, this can result in a substantial increase of ticks, such as +200 to +400 ticks beyond the original +800 to +1,000 ticks. A similar approach can be applied with Code 5, allowing you to be in the trade before Code 5 is triggered, thereby adding an extra +100 to +200 ticks on top of the original +200 to +400 ticks. Code 7 can provide all of these benefits.

Code 7 can be acquired through a video course, which can be purchased and viewed online. The course provides comprehensive guidance on how to effectively utilize Code 7, which is a simple process. Once proficient, traders can consistently achieve gains ranging from +120 to +220 ticks on the Dow Futures (YM) using Code 7.

Stops: -250 to -350 (sometimes less, sometimes more) Exit: +120 to +220 Success Ratio: 80% at +120 tick