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Olga Morales – Astrology for Gann Traders

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Olga Morales – Astrology for Gann Traders
Olga Morales – Astrology for Gann Traders $499.00 Original price was: $499.00.$9.99Current price is: $9.99.

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About Course:

Olga Morales presents “Astrology for Gann Traders” as a bundled package, consisting of the following components:

  1. Complete Beginners Course (6 Lessons)
  2. Complete Intermediate Course (6 Lessons)
  3. W.D. Gann – Wizard of Wall St (Lecture presentation)

Beginners Level: In this comprehensive course, you will gain a solid foundation in understanding W.D. Gann’s Astrological methods, without the complexities and ambiguity. In just 216 minutes, you will unlock the secrets behind Gann’s acclaimed science, providing you with six essential keys to grasp his techniques. Here are six ways this Beginners Course will benefit you:

  1. Learn the necessary tools to apply Astrological cycles to the market.
  2. Discover why Gann utilized a 4-minute chart, explained through a concise animation.
  3. Master a unique signature grid technique that distinguishes positive, negative, and neutral days, allowing you to comprehend the ebb and flow of planetary vibrations.
  4. Unveil the foundation of all TIME cycles and HARMONICS, known as the Gann Emblem.
  5. Gain insights into Gann’s personal analysis through his private letters and charts, unraveling their significance.
  6. Understand the influence of planets on market trends, empowering you to time your trades effectively in both the short and long term.

Intermediate Level: Building upon the knowledge acquired in the Beginners Course, this DVD series delves deeper into Gann’s astrological applications. Completion of the Beginners Level is a prerequisite for enrollment in the Intermediate Level.