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Matthew Dicks – Storyworthy for Business

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Matthew Dicks – Storyworthy for Business
Matthew Dicks – Storyworthy for Business $1,497.00 Original price was: $1,497.00.$24.99Current price is: $24.99.

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Storyworthy for Business by Matthew Dicks

Deconstructing Narratives: A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting Personal and Professional Stories

Streamlining the elements to aid you in assembling your most compelling narratives in just one week.

Enhance your storytelling prowess to forge stronger connections, create lasting impressions, and wield a more profound impact on both your personal and professional spheres.

Across this seven-part series, Matt unveils the principles underpinning the strategies that render them highly effective. He imparts actionable insights, ensuring each student can craft stories they take pride in sharing:

Part 1: Thesis Statement Identify a transformative moment in your life, not a mere chronicle of events over time, but a genuine instance of metamorphosis or realization.

Part 2: Framing Your Story Define the beginnings and endings of your narrative, establishing a framework that resonates with your audience.

Part 3: Scenes Learn the art of planning and narrating your story akin to a film director, conjuring vivid mental imagery for your audience.

Part 4: Hooking Your Audience with Three S’s Master the use of the Three S’s—Surprise, Suspense, and Significance—to captivate and maintain your audience’s attention.

Part 5: The Cutting Room Floor Employ a strategic approach to decide what elements make it into your story and what should be left behind, creating a compelling narrative structure.

Part 6: Humor Incorporate humor seamlessly into your narrative, even if humor doesn’t come naturally to you.

Part 7: Putting It All Together Learn how to conclude your story in a manner that lingers in people’s memories for an extended period, leaving a lasting impact.

This step-by-step guide equips you with the tools to become a proficient storyteller, enabling you to weave narratives that resonate, engage, and endure in the minds of your audience. Unveil the secrets to crafting stories that stand the test of time and leave an indelible mark on those who experience them.