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The Cnceptual Trader – Cnceptual Webinar 3.0

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The Cnceptual Trader – Cnceptual Webinar 3.0
The Cnceptual Trader – Cnceptual Webinar 3.0 $99.99 Original price was: $99.99.$10.00Current price is: $10.00.

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Learn the most effective system to trade BankNifty, Nifty & Stock Future & Options using PA & OI Data.

Generate Maximum Profits with Minimum Capital.

Ideal for both Beginner & Pro Traders.

The webinar will contain detailed info on

  • How to sharply predict big move in stocks, Banknifty & Nifty before they happen using OI, PA, VSA & MTF analysis.

  • How to trade Banknifty and Nifty confidently every day and generate good profits regularly.

  • How to do BTST trades in Banknifty & Nifty.

  • How to use my custom Scanner to select Stocks for Intraday which are going to blast later.

  • How to do Expiry Scalping in Banknifty and Nifty for maximum gains with minimum risk on capital.

  • Method to select high probability Stocks for BTST.

  • How to read Open Interest Data and do Option Chain analysis properly.

  • How to use scanner for EOD analysis, so that you are able to capture highly profitable stocks one day in advance.

  • How to do swing trading via Stock options buying.

  • How to set exact Target and SL using OI and PA data, in Intraday and swing.

  • How to do Result based trading to get maximum benefits.

  • How to execute Stock options Buying / Selling trade properly to avoid slippage and get easy exit.

  • When & How to choose between Option Selling, Buying or Futures trade, so that maximum profit comes with least risk.

  • Which expiry and which strike to choose according to the time of month.

  • How to develop your Psychology suitable for markets.

  • How to do Risk management, so that you generate maximum profits from your trades.

  • How to manage your account and get steady growth so that you’ll be able to grow your account many folds.

Important features

  • I will start from basics and take it to the higher levels.

  • I will clear all your doubts along with the course.

  • I will provide Handholding for a month via an exclusive Telegram group so that you get used to all the methods.

  • I will do live market session to give live examples on how to select stocks in live markets.

  • I will conduct a Refresher Session after 6 months to revise the concepts and give you newer updates according to Market scenarios prevalent at that time.

  • The number of participants will be small ( The lesser the better ), so that I’ll be able to give proper attention to everyone.

Suitable for –

– Option Buyers, both Index and Stocks.

– Directional Optional Sellers.

– Futures Traders.

– Equity Traders of FnO stocks.

– Intraday / BTST / Swing Players.

Not Suitable for – 

– Non Directional Options Sellers.

– Traders wanting to learn Options Strategies.

– Equity Traders of Non FnO stocks.

– Investment Players.

Requirements –

– Basic knowledge of stock market.

– At least 2-3 months experience in markets.

– Capital no bar. You can learn and apply these concepts on small capital also. For big capital holder, the strategies work equally well.