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VectorTradingFX – 2-Phase Inducement Theorem PDF
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Table of Contents:

Pages 1-9: Pre-Trading Sessions & Planning

Perfectly pre-plan your trading day with Key Details, Session Time & Price, Asia Manipulation, and a 10-step daily markup process.

Pages 10-21: The Daily Cycle

Get a clear understanding of when to trade, and the intent of the market maker through piecing together intra-day expectations with the Daily Cycle and its components.

Pages 22-25: Identify Valid Orderblocks Through Order-Flow

Identify all the high probability orderblocks within the market, and figure out exactly how to use and validate them through the high-volume injection technique.

Pages 26-37: The 2-Phase Inducement Theorem

Scope into the never-been-taught 2-Phase inducement theory; learn how to identify these inducements consistently, each of their low time-frame entry setups, and the Power of 3.

Pages 38-42: Step-by-Step Entry Processes

Follow the exact methods to trade reversals and continuations like the algorithm does. Simplify and execute based on the idea that trading only exists in 3 cycles – reversals, continuations, and liquidity build-ups.

Pages 43-49: Key Trading Movements & Concepts

Identify certain fractal movements in the market, and understand exactly what they mean, their intention, and how to utilise them to your advantage.

Pages 50-53: Pro-Trend/Counter-Trend Entry Setups

See clear price action setups based on pro-trend and counter-trend movement in the market through clear diagrams and step-by-step entry processes.

Page 54: Conclusion

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