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WealthFRX Trading Mastery Course 2.0

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WealthFRX Trading Mastery Course 2.0
WealthFRX Trading Mastery Course 2.0 $349.99 Original price was: $349.99.$29.99Current price is: $29.99.

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Message from your mentor…

I was a failing Forex trader for four years, it took me four years of financial and emotional pain just to make my dream of becoming a full time Forex trader a reality. I believed I could teach myself how to trade through YouTube and market experience. 3 years ago, I finally understood how the markets move each day. Since then, my life has been a blessing. I can do what I want whenever I want with no boss to answer to. I am completely financially free at 20 years of age (yes I started my Forex journey at 13!)

Reviewing my journey made this mission easy: enable the new wave of traders to skip these 4 years of pain and instantly learn the secrets to the market. This is where the WealthFRX Trading Mastery Course 2.0 was born. I personally created every video, using my now 7 years of trading experience, to give you every piece of knowledge you need to tackle the market. From London Session Bank Zones to Psychological Conditioning, this course gives you the step-by-step method to exactly how I have made my fortunes in the market.

Course Contents


Telegram Link
How to Choose a Broker
Choosing a Currency Pair
How I Risk
Trading Journal Template

Strategy Overview

Daily Zones & Candles
4H To Determine Buy/Sell Bias
LTF Indicator + Session Timings
London Session Zones – GJ, EJ, GA
US Session Zones – EU, Gold, Silver
US Session Zones – GA, GJ, EJ
Drawing Precise LTF Zones
Entry Candles
LDN Session – How To Sell
LDN Session – How To Buy
US Session – How To Sell
US Session – How To Buy
Holding Trades Through Multiple Sessions
Stop Loss Rules
How To Half Loss Size
London Session – Taking Profits & Removing Risk
US Session – Taking Profits & Removing Risk (EU, Gold, Silver)
US Session – Taking Profits & Removing Risk (GA,GJ,EJ)
Targetting 2.0
Targetting 3.0
Gold Silver Correlation
Head + Shoulders at HTF zones
Start to Finish – Complete Trade on EURUSD
Full Week of GJ in US Session
Analysing Two Random Pairs


What Trading Really Is
Control + The Female Advantage
London Trading Plan
US Trading Plan
Flow State
Reaching Flow State
Triggers + Consequences
Best Week Worst Week
How to Win Every Day
External Life Creates Trading Sucess
Watch this video after a WIN
Watch this video after a LOSS

Fundamentals & 90%WR News Strategy

How To Trade News
Live News Terminal
What News is Tradeable?
The Banks Liquidation Strategy for News Events
News Strategy Examples


LDN – GBPAUD | Asia Flipped our Bias
LDN – GBPAUD | Weekly High Rejection
LDN – GBPJPY | 21/10
LDN & US – GBPAUD | Buys
US – XAGUSD | LIVE Trade 2
US – XAGUSD | LIVE Trade 3
US – GBPJPY | Managed Profit Taken
US – EURJPY | Exact Pip Rejection Perfection
US – EURUSD | Break-Even
US – EURUSD | Bias Flip
US – Gold & GBPAUD | 29/11
US – GBPAUD | 21/10
26/10 – Predictions & Outcomes (GBPAUD, XAUUSD, XAGUSD)
Reviewing Student Trades

Strategy as seen in…

“How I Made $2507 in 30 Mins Trading Forex | GBPAUD”

This video from WealthFRX YouTube channel highlights the powerful success of the strategy.