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Yarimi University Course (Lifetime Updates)

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Yarimi University Course (Lifetime Updates)
Yarimi University Course (Lifetime Updates) $630.00 Original price was: $630.00.$80.00Current price is: $80.00.

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About Course:

Our objective.

Our aim at Yarimi University isn’t just monetary. Infact, our objective is to empower our students in all aspects of their lives such as their financial, mental and psychological wellbeing. This is to ensure they are the best version of themselves so that they have the capacity to trade the markets confidently without any external worries or stresses.

Why Yarimi University?

In the early stages of my trading career I couldn’t find a place that provided me with everything I needed to know from beginning to end to become a successful trader. The market follows algorithmic patterns and continuously respects them time and time again. Our aim is to pass on this torch of scarce information to those eager to learn and develop a successful traders habits.

A universal method applicable to the Currencies, Stock indices, Cfd’s & Crypto market. Yarimi University will take you from zero to hero by teaching you the opposite to how 95% of the traders in the world trade!


We will teach you how to take an algorithmic approach to the markets and develop an edge that works paired with elite risk management.


Develop the mindset of an emotionless trader. As opposed to someone fishing for profits that may not be available in the current market conditions, through the application of actively trading the markets.

Get Funded.

Now that you’ve graduated from Yarimi University, watch your confidence and self belief grow as you begin to take on the market with a data analyst behavioural approach. You are now ready to take your knowledge to the real world. Take on 2 prop firm exams, apply what we have taught and if successful, you will trade up to 7 figures in capital.