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90 Day Filmmaker (2023)

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90 Day Filmmaker (2023)
90 Day Filmmaker (2023) $597.00 Original price was: $597.00.$30.00Current price is: $30.00.

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Week 1 – Foundations

Building The Foundation For Your Business

  • Successful Mindset: How to Think Like a Filmmaker
  • Equipment: What you need to succeed
  • ​Logo: Creating Your Logo and Name
  • Foundation: Everything you need for success

Week 2 – First Clients

How to Get Your First Clients and Your Website

  • First Clients: How to Get Your First Clients
  • Reviews & Referrals: Getting More Clients
  • ​Website: Building Your First Website
  • Business Cards: Designing Business Cards

Week 3 – Building

Creating Your Demo Reel and Social Media

  • Demo Reel: Creating Your Highlight Reel
  • Social Media: Your Social Media Timeline
  • ​Building: Shooting Footage for your Demo Reel
  • Posting: Posting BTS to attract more clients

Week 4 – Weddings

Learning and Booking Beautiful Weddings

  • Learn: Go Through Our In-depth Wedding Course
  • Watch: Watch us Film a Wedding From Start to Finish
  • ​Advertise: Promote as a Wedding Filmmaker
  • Book: How to Book Your First Weddings

Week 5 – Real Estate

Learning and Booking Luxury Real Estate

  • Learn: Go Through Our In-depth Real Estate Course
  • Watch: Follow Us as We Film Real Estate
  • ​Advertise: Promote as a Real Estate Filmmaker
  • Book: How to Book Your First Real Estate Shoots

Week 6 – Local Business

Learning and Booking Local Businesses

  • Learn: Learn To Create Promos and Commercials
  • Study: Study Every Business You Go After
  • ​Pitch: Learn How to Pitch To Potential Clients
  • Book: How to Book Your First Local Businesses

Week 7 – Website

Formatting and Building Your Final Website

  • Download: Copy and Paste Our Website Formatting
  • Upload: Put all of Your Content On The Website
  • ​Pages: Create Individual Pages for Certain Industries
  • Calls: How to Setup Book Calls With Clients

Week 8 – Cold Emails

Formatting and Sending Cold Emails

  • Learn: How to Format Emails to Specific Industries
  • Interviews: Learn Directly from The Client
  • Study: How to See the Need a Client Has
  • ​Format: How to Format The Perfect Email

Week 9 – Booking Part 1

Booking Weddings and Real Estate

  • Search: Where to Look for a Bride or Agent in Need
  • Contact: How to Contact Specific Brides and Agents
  • Pitch: How to Sell the Client on Your Service
  • ​Book: Booking Weddings and Real Estate Videos

Week 10 – Booking Part 2

Booking Local Business and Churches

  • Search: Where to Look for Businesses and Churches
  • Contact: How to Contact Owners and Pastors
  • Pitch: How to Sell the Client on Your Service
  • ​Book: Booking Businesses and Churches

Week 11 – High Paying

How to Find and Book High Paying Clients

  • Search: Where to Look for High Paying Clients
  • Passion Projects: Creating Projects to Get Hired
  • Pitch Videos: Pitching The Company on Your Service
  • ​Book: Booking $5,000+ Clients

Week 12 – Growth

Grow Your Business to Make $5,000+ a Month

  • Rates: Calculating New Rates
  • Interviews: Learn From Filmmakers and Their Paths
  • Taxes: Setting Up Your Taxes Properly
  • Grow: Land More Clients and Grow Your Business