Beducated – Awakening Female Pleasure



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Beducated – Awakening Female Pleasure
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Awakening Female Pleasure Online Course:
Heal and Empower Your Partner

Eyal Matsliah
Sexual Empowerment Coach

About This Course

Master the art of explosive female pleasure with this breathtaking course from Eyal Matsliah. Learn everything you need to know about female sexuality with video tutorials, practical tips, and expert advice.

What You Will Learn

  1. All the different types of female orgasms
  2. Sensual hugs for hinting and teasing
  3. Erotic massage techniques for the whole body
  4. Sexual healing and activation tips

Take This Course and Hundreds More

Taught by the world’s top experts.

Quick results & easy-to-follow instructions.

For everyone. Singles, couples, all genders and orientations.

Lessons and Classes

Total length:
more than 180 min
  1. 1. Welcome
  2. 2. How to Use This Program
  3. 3. For the Women Watching This Program
  4. 4. What Is a Female Orgasm
  5. 5. How to Help Her Implode Not Explode
  6. 6. The Continuum of Pleasure
  7. 7. Physical Orgasms
  8. 8. Other Kinds of Orgasms
  9. 9. How to Know What She (Really Really) Wants
  10. 10. The Three-Minute Game
  11. 11. Sensual Hug in Three Parts
  12. 12. Hinting and Teasing
  13. 13. Transfiguration
  14. 14. Sitting in Yub Yum
  15. 15. Introduction to the 5 Elements
  16. 16. Water Touch
  17. 17. Earth Touch
  18. 18. Fire Touch
  19. 19. Ether Touch
  20. 20. Holding Space for Integration
  21. 21. Conclusion
  22. 22. Breast Massage in Three Parts
  23. 23. Whole Body Massage in Four Parts
  24. 24. Hinting in Orgasmic Whole Body Massage
  25. 25. M9V1 External Yoni Massage
  26. 26. Internal Yoni Massage in Four Parts
  27. 27. Sexual Healing and Activation

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