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Zen Activator – Zan Azahiro
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ZenActivator is an online meditation experience that gives you a source of calm, confidence, and charisma on demand. It helps activate the Inner Zen: a man’s inner reservoir of strength, power, and dominance. The Inner Zen is what separates successful men from others who struggle to get what they want in life.

The ZenActivator suite consists of a collection of Activator audio tracks. All you need to do is to close your eyes, put on your headphones and press play. Then, simply follow the instructions that you hear inside the Activator track. Each track lasts for ten minutes.

Each Activator track is engineered to activate a specific part of your Inner Zen – Pauseability, Courage, Esteem, Gratitude, Energy, Focus, Creativity and Optimism.

ZenActivator is a revolutionary approach to meditation that is based on the five biggest breakthroughs in cognitive science in the last forty years: EntrainmentVisualizationAffirmationsMantric Meditation and Anchoring.

Inside ZenActivator, this is known as the E.V.A.M.A Stack. ZenActivator is effective because it is based on peer-reviewed scientific methodologies, not some New Age fad.

What Makes ZenActivator Different?

Meditation programs are everywhere. They all make the same claims – increased confidence, reduced anxiety, better sleep…

What makes ZenActivator different (and better) than other programs? Here are four ways…

Designed for men: ZenActivator is the world’s first (and only) meditation program for men. It is developed with the modern man in mind: to help him overcome the unique challenges in his life. Most (if not all) other meditation programs are designed for feminine needs – largely irrelevant to the modern man.

ZenActivator is designed for the masculine: ZenActivator is built on a stack of scientific breakthroughs: Entrainment, Visualization, Affirmations, Mantric Meditation and Anchoring (known as the E.V.A.M.A Stack). These have been validated and peer-reviewed rigorously for the last forty years. They work, because they have been proven scientifically.

ZenActivator is 100% backed by science: You won’t find New Age fads like the “Law of Attraction”, “Chakra Unblocking”, “Third Eye” and “Astral Projection” inside ZenActivator. Many of these ideas are questionable, and at most, plainly ineffective.