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Mindvalley – Duality
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Duality with Jeffrey Allen

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To the person who believes there’s more to the human experience than meets the eye…

Everywhere you go, you’re interacting with an invisible world.

For instance even though you can’t see them, you’re surrounded by invisible radio waves. Television programs being beamed right through you. And cell phone waves and wifi.

You know these invisible frequencies are real – otherwise you wouldn’t be able to do things like surf the net or listen to the radio.

But did you know that YOU too have an invisible side?

Beyond the physical body you can see and touch, is an energy body that’s as real as your arms and legs.

Most people don’t know how to harness their energy bodies. But those who do find themselves awakening to remarkable abilities in the realms of intuition, manifestation, healing, and more.

In the Duality program, acclaimed energy healer Jeffrey Allen guides you to discover and connect with your energy body: so you too can awaken to higher states of self-mastery, spiritual awareness, and emotional bliss, as you align with yourself on both the energetic and physical planes.

The Curriculum

This Is How We Structured Duality So You Get Fast, Lasting Results In The Shortest Time Possible

The Duality program is a 7-week online journey towards mastering your personal energetic system.

Through a mindfully designed curriculum of guided exercises and meditations, Jeffrey himself will systematically awaken you to your energetic abilities: which includes getting answers from your intuition, becoming more present, eliminating energy blocks, healing yourself and others, connecting with your guides, strengthening your Chakras, and so much more.

By the end of your journey, you’ll have evolved into your natural state as a competent energy worker: with the ability to harness your energetic system, and manifest greater clarity, healing, abundance, and love in your inner and outer world.

Energy Awareness & Personal Presence

Gain Mental & Intuitive Clarity

Heal Your Body Using Energy

Empathy & Healthy Personal Boundaries

Use Your Chakras to Communicate & Manifest Better

Clear Your Limiting Beliefs

How to Access Your Intuition

Access Your Higher Awareness

In this powerful final session, you’ll be shown how to Connect With Your Spirit Guides and Higher Self. Not only will this help you quickly make the right decisions, boost your creativity and give you inspiration… but you’ll trust yourself more… AND feel more confidence and self-love. It’s a win-win. You’ll also realize a powerful truth first-hand — that connecting with your guides rapidly leads to more love, joy, creativity and abundance in your life.

Topics includes:

  • Living from Your Higher Self
  • Meeting Your Spirit Guides
  • Talking with Your Guides
  • Practicing Higher Awareness & Continuing Your Journey

Meditations includes:

  • Spirit Guide Conversation (Daily Meditation)
  • Meditation — Spirit Guide Conversation (30 minutes open ended)
  • Meditation — Spirit Guide Conversation (60 minutes open ended)
  • Advanced Meditation — Meet Your Guides
  • Advanced Meditation — Conversation with a Guide
  • Advanced Guided Journey — Becoming Your Higher Self